We offer customized development and manufacturing Our focus lies on labeling and lamination of various materials and surfaces for the industrial use, e.g., for the security or packaging industry or for warehouse labeling systems. Our offered services include: - Conceptualizing of system specification sheets in cooperation with the customer - Draft of circuit diagram - Conductor board development and production, from layout to finalized and tested electronics - Cable make and manufacture - 3D construction - Software development - Manufacturing of prototypes and pre-production series - Serial production - Maintenance and repair - Software modification
Quality control
Lapis as your reliable partner
Lapis develops and manufactures printers and laminators as stand-alone units or as OEM-modules for governmental institutions, industry clients, and organizations. Read more…
All working steps are checked by the production up to the dispatch about a strict high-class control and are held on.
Beside software, drivers and firmware we offer to you here also detailed documentations to our products to the download. Read more…
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