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Laminates all pages of a passport, including  the inside of the cover. Using a temperature- controlled heating roller, an extremely thin  hologram foil is applied onto the paper  surface. The laminator can be integrated in an  automated personalization system or used as  a stand-alone system. Various machinery  specifications allow for passport-feed from  the left, the right, or the front.
Technical Data   Foil: 80mm out diameter, 500 pages/roll Throughput: 2 passports / minute (average) Adjustable speed: 4- 20mm/s  Adjustable temperature: 150 - 190°C Dimension:  320 x 370 x 340mm (HxWxD) Weight:  16 kg Power supply: 110 - 230 Volts, 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption: 100VA
Features Temperature controlled hot rolling process  Laminate on ICAO standard page size   Laminates continuous holographic pattern or customized pattern with synchronization marks to center the seal on passport page. manually input with input table Panel and interface for operating and controlling Customizable parameters for different passport materials and foils Optional: passport-feed from left or front
Passport Laminator PL-RL Flexible laminator for industrial applications
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